Friday, July 07, 2006

A Baby Is Born!!


Don't you just love babies? They're so innocent yet adorable.. Makes you wanna carry and hug them 24/7.. ^^ Just for your info.. I'm not having a baby.. What I'm about to write has nothing to do with babies too.. Just thought that it was cute so I posted the picture here.. Kekeke.. Alright.. Just kidding.. It has some relations to this post of mine.. Today.. On the 6th of July 2006.. Marks the 9th month of my relationship with Robb.. Hence the baby! (I love you dear!!) And no.. I'm not about to give birth.. I'm not a girl.. Never a woman!!

Enough with that.. Few days ago I wrote something about having spaghetti for lunch in my classmate's house.. Remember? I just had the pictures transfered to my laptop.. And no.. None of us ended up in the hospital.. Kekeke.. We had a great cook and not to forget the helpers in the kitchen.. And guess what.. All of us are boys!! The girls sat in the living room and waited for lunch to be served.. Weird? Seems like the roles have turned around.. Haha.. Well.. Girls do deserve to sit back and relax once a while and let he guys handle household chores.. :P

Forgot doing what already..

Our chef!

Well.. I don't know how long we took to get it cooked.. But it definitely was hot in the kitchen.. Glad when it was done.. Everyone was hungry and eager to taste our home made spaghetti.. Hehe.. I was made to finish it though.. As we overcooked and none of them could eat anymore.. Or maybe it was just my big mouth saying that I could finish it up.. Kekeke.. Serves me right..



Pity me.. T_T

Everyone was watching at me while I finished up the remaining spaghetti.. It was akward.. What to do.. Just let them watch me with my ugly face while I'm eating.. Hehe.. It was fun though.. And the spaghetti was nice.. ^^ Thanks Adrian.. Next time make cabonara for us.. Kekeke..

Ahhh.. Group photo at last!! These are some of the people that I mix with.. My "pig group".. We have a pig head, pig brain, pig tail (me!!), pig leg, pig dick (-_-") and lots more!! Crazy group of people.. But nice to mix with.. I dunno how will the course be without them.. Eh.. Wait a minute.. I think I know how.. It would be just like my previous accounting classmates.. Boring and dull.. Kekeke..

Tada!! Eh.. Where are the girls??

Ooooh.. Here they are.. ^^

I guess that's all for now.. Can't be flooding this place with pictures.. Guys.. You're the best!!! Kekeke.. Oh ya.. Dear!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Muaks!!! =P Chao..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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