Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My 21st Birthday..

Honestly.. It wasn't as nice as I thought it would be.. There were no pictures.. Not much things to do.. The only one who accompanied me all the way was Robb.. Edi gor came.. But he was so busy with his friends that I somehow felt that his trip here was spent more on other things than with me.. The only thing nice about yesterday was the movie with Robb in Midvalley.. Together with Eyrique and Joshie of course.. We watched "I'm Not Stupid Too".. It was a very touching movie as it revolves around a life of a teenager.. Not to mention those good looking actors too.. Hehe.. Well.. Not that my past few birthdays were very memorable anyway.. Just had my hopes up high since it was my 21st birthday afterall.. And to think some of my so called close friends didn't even send me a sms wishing me happy birthday.. What to do.. Already over.. No use fretting about it anymore.. There's no turning back.. Still.. That feeling still lurks around like an invisible force around me.. Sigh.. This blog is really a sad place to be.. Nothing nice comes out if you see a new post here.. Nothing..
Zach a.k.a. Garfield


ρΘ†нεåţǿ™ a.k.a. F@/\/$u said...


hewo hewo.. sorry... fansu have been neglecting zach de blog recently.. it seems that this year isn't really good for us Ox year eh...~?

hey buddy..~ work hard eh.. fansu also receive a teribble news.. but not as bad as zach de.. fansu failed one subject but now is very worried because if fansu resit and don't pass.. wun get to continue fansu course jor..~ what about zach leh.. all subjects fail except english wor..~

wei wei..~ lai lai.. fight together with fansu la.. dun give up so much yet.. fansu also no give up yet wor.. so zach also kennot leh.. zach is fansu de role model ma.. some more older than fansu.. fansu respect zach..~

zach last time wasn't like that one wor..~ maybe too relax jor once in KL.. lai lai.. buck up..~ ler.. haha..~ be strong kie..~

Lai lai.. if zach free.. go get a book "The Rules of Life by Richard Templar" it is a nice book lo.. and cost not more than RM 60..

lai lai.. since fansu still reading.. so kennot read out all the rules la.. so tell zach some only..~

rule no. 3
Accept what is done, is done
- what is done is done, zach just need to get on with things lo

rule no. 6
Dedicate your life to something
-It's a yardstick to measure (a) how i'm doing. (b) what i'm doing and (c) where i'm going

rule no. 10
Only dead fish swim with the stream
- and that's what life is, what it is meant to be; a series of struggles and lulls

rule no. 17
Aim to be the very best at everything you do - not second best
- failing is fine. aiming for second best isn't

rule no. 27
Choose how you make your bed
- Do the right thing, zach knows what it is.

ermm.. the rest not related so much gua.. :x erm those rules above also like.. dun make any sense with the short explanation luu.. have to read the whole book.. :x

anyway.. all fansu want to say.. dun pressurise zach self.. know what to do.. is only zach WANT to do or not lo. Zach have not tried yet but then say that zach had already failed everyone luu.. :x

the most important thing hor.. is ask zach self like fansu ask himself.. go into exam hall.. and after doing the paper.. ask zach self lo..did zach did his best.. put all his effort in the paper that zach just sit lo.. then zach will know.. zach dissapoint people or not..~

Dun wan give zach too much pep talk ler.. later say fansu like other also.. no diff..~ most important.. zach know what he is doing.. and make sure zach do what is right lo.. all fansu ask is.. a little effort from zach only kie..~ just a little effort and it might make a difference..~ ;)

Good luck to Zach.. if fansu don't get to see Zach before fansu leave (and if fansu GET to leave also.. is another story for now.. :x) hope when fansu is back..~ we both are graduates.. kie.. ;)


Cybertron said...

hi zach,

1st of all, we all had d little child mind. Dun woli.

2ndly, just d ur best on re-sit. i'm just like urs but tat was 15 yrs ago. I dun even think how bad it was now. I just move on. Hang on n all turns out well. No 1 was with me tat time. So I was worst than u. So gambate dude.

3rdly, U still have close frens who cared for u. Ermm i think his name is Fansu eh. hehe.

My best wishes to u n Gud luck with all d best stars. Cheers. :)