Monday, February 27, 2006

Chronicles Of Zachnia.. Narnia? Lolz..

Ok.. Lets see.. Been gone for a very long time now.. Lots of missing pieces in this so called blog of mine.. But where do I start? Chinese New Year? Well.. Nothing much happened during that time.. Like everyone else.. Was busy collecting ang pow.. Gambling.. Playing.. Visiting.. Hehehe.. I hardly gamble though.. Only time that I did I think was during the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.. My secondary school group of friends have this gathering at a certain friend's house every year during the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.. We would gamble there and catch up on all the things we missed as most of us are studying in different places now.. Well like every year.. I never win.. Hehe.. Maybe that is why I don't like to gamble that much.. I prefer to drink.. Had few glasses of red wine at my uncle's house when I was back in Penang.. Broke one of his glasses too.. Didn't really know what happen though.. LoL.. Did lots of Dota-ing with my friends too.. Won some lost some.. It was fun.. Still.. All the time back in Penang.. My heart did not stop missing someone important.. Someone back in Ipoh.. ^^

Went back to KL few days before Valentine's Day.. Did nothing much back in KL.. On the day before Valentine's Day.. I went up to Genting Highlands with Robb, Ben and Casper.. ^^ My 1st Valentine's outing with someone I love.. Although we did nothing much and didn't get to play at the outdoor theme park.. But the time spent together with Robb was nice.. Especially during the night.. Hehehe.. Details not gonna be spilled here.. =P Wanna know ask me yourself.. *Evil grinz* Stayed for one night only.. Went back to KL the next afternoon after having lunch at Pizza Hut.. Everything is so expensive up there!! Kinda reluctant to spend a single cent there.. But then.. Not everyday is Valentine's Day.. So.. What the heck.. ^^

Back in KL.. Again.. Wasted my time doing nothing.. But spent quite alot of time with Robb.. Even finished watching the Hong Kong series "War And Beauty".. That series was nice.. Watching how the women fight among themselves for power and vengeance.. Evil.. Never mess with women or make them angry.. You'll never know what hit you next.. Hehe.. Well.. Things are going well among me and Robb.. Its been more than 4 months since the day we got together.. Really glad that this relationship of ours is working now.. I can't say the same thing for my own life though.. Don't know what am I doing wasting my time in KL.. Waiting results? Hehe.. Expected to fail alot.. Robb asked me to go work part-time with him.. Well.. This might seem like nothing for most people.. But it should be a very huge step for me.. I'm still a child inside.. Afraid to grow up.. Afraid to meet the real world.. But physically.. I'm reaching 21 soon.. Sigh.. Lets just see what happens next..

Birthday is near.. Few more weeks and I will be considered an independant young adult.. Lots of people will be here in KL to celebrate with me.. Even Ben wants to celebrate his birthday together with mine although his was much earlier.. My godbro Edi from Johor will be here to meet me too! Can't wait to see him.. Too bad Matt gor won't be able to make it as he is very busy with work now.. Doctor wor!! Hehe.. Nvmle.. Wait till he is free..

Got to know quite a lot of new people in ChinesePlu.. Also spent quite alot of time in Maple Story with some of my friends.. Made a level 33 Cleric.. Healer again.. ^^ And now.. I'm wide awake writing this useless piece of my so-called life without any sleep since yesterday.. Wonder what will become of me.. Robb.. Where are you? Missed you so much although its just been 3 days since you've went back to Ipoh.. Sigh.. Addicted to you..

Nothing much to say now.. Oh yea.. Had some stupid pictures taken while waiting for my Naruto to download finish.. =P Kinda liked my hair today.. Hehe.. Enjoy.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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