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Memories of 2005.. Beginning of 2006

A year has passed.. Lots have happened.. People come.. People go.. But I'm still the same old me.. Its been a while since I've updated this blog.. There were a few memorable events that happened during the previous year.. Which was just few days ago.. Hehe.. So now I will try to fill in those happenings from 2005 which I have missed out from this blog.. Hopefully my memory serves me well and let me write all of it down here.. In this place where I spill all my happiness and sorrow.

Before 2005's Christmas, I was back in Penang for few days.. With Yaoi of course.. There was this gathering with my old schoolmates.. SUPLEX.. I can't exactly remember what it stands for.. Bad memory of mine.. =) He arrived in Penang earlier than me as I missed my bus in KL.. Got stuck in the traffic jam and for the 1st time.. The bus left early.. Usually it reaches late or leaves late.. Wonder why this time so unlucky.. My friend who drove me there bought new tickets as he felt it was his fault we arrived late.. Called Yaoi and told him about it.. Luckily Adrian is free and met up with Yaoi when he arrived in Penang.. They went to play few games of DOTA before I arrived..

The next morning we went to KOMTAR to meet up with my friends.. From there we sat a public bus to Teluk Bahang where some of us hike there while the rest sit a boat with all our stuffs for BBQ in Pantai Kerachut.. Yaoi felt out of place I suppose.. As everyone was speaking in Hokkien.. But he said its ok as long as I'm with him.. So sweet.. =P So we sat on the boat and enjoyed the scenery.. I always feel at ease whenever I'm near the sea.. No idea why.. So we reached Pantai Kerachut.. Arranged our stuffs and cleaned the place.. It was beautiful.. The beach.. The sky.. The sea.. Well.. After that just lazed around till dinner.. It was fun.. BBQ-ing on the beach.. Under the stars.. With the sea breeze.. Hehe.. Near midnite we went to lie down at the jetty.. The sky was so beautiful.. Can see stars all over.. We just stayed there and stare at the sky.. Went back the next day..

These are few of the pictures taken from Genting Highlands.. The mists were scary though when we came back down to KL.. Can't see the road in front of us.. Hehe.. Can't remember when I went there.. But was sometime around December.. =P Enjoy..

As for Christmas.. I went to Ipoh to look for Yaoi to celebrate with him.. Not to forget BenBen and my god bro Matthew.. Wanted to reach a day before Christmas but the bus tickets were all sold out.. So I had to go on the next day.. Met up with a friend of his near afternoon and watched a movie in Jusco.. A Chinese Tall Story.. Quite lame.. After the movie we went back and had a quick bath before heading out again for dinner.. Had steak for dinner.. Wasn't that nice.. Still prefer the steak at The Ship and Victoria Station.. Hehe.. Went for few rounds of DOTA after that.. Lost at the last round.. Sigh.. Well.. Went to Friends Cafe and met up with Ben there.. Few other people were there too but I can't remember their names.. Hehe.. Forgetfull me.. =P Nothing much happened on that day.. Just sat there and chat with them.. There were few fireworks as well.. Matt kor came around midnight.. He looked so exhausted.. Must be tiring to work in the hospital.. Went to supper and then back home to sleep..

New Year's eve!! Yaoi's turn to come to KL.. Met a lot of ChinesePlu gang in Green Lotus that night.. Didn't expect to see so many people there.. Even Fansu was there.. Hehe.. Let me see.. Nic83, Smiling-Baby, Pepsi, Mention, Maxboi, Feiyu, Ah Kin and few others were there too.. The food there was ok.. But was abit pricey.. After dinner we went out of the restaurant.. Oh yea.. We were in Bukit Bintang that time.. It was so packed with people.. We can hardly move around in that crowd.. Lots of spraying and laughing all over the place.. Found a spot between Maybank and McDonalds and we stood there while waiting for the fireworks to start.. Saw more spraying and honking around that area.. Hehe.. The fireworks started as soon as the clock reached 12.00.. Happy New Year!!! The fireworks were beautiful.. Too bad I don't have any camera or I would have taken some pictures of them.. Well.. After everything finished we headed back to the carpark.. The traffic was bad.. Wanted to go to LQ that night but had to cancel our plan since we arrived late.. No point wasting our money.. Had late supper and went back to Nic's house to overnight.. Took some pictures with his doggy on the next morning too.. =P

The night after that we went to LQ.. Was quite empty though.. The top section of LQ was closed.. No idea why.. So we just hanged out at the bottom section.. There were few big sized girls dancing on the dance floor.. We joined them after getting bored from just sitting there and chatting.. Hehe.. Done some stupid things and took photos of it but I won't be posting it here.. Too shy.. Bleh..

Quite a year for me.. As for the beginning of 2006.. It wasn't that nice.. Had conjunctivitis last week.. Irritated my eye for quite long.. Itchy and watery.. Sigh.. Got better after taking some medication from the doctor.. Still.. 2 days ago I had food poisoning.. Argh.. Diarrhea all day long.. Bloated stomach.. Lost of appetite.. T_T So tiring.. My whole body was aching.. And there was no one to take me to the clinic.. Had to walk down all by myself with the aching tummy and body.. The assistant at the counter recognised me as I just went to the same clinic 2 days before that.. What a year.. I wonder what is going to happen next..

Today is the 3rd month anniversary of me and Yaoi.. 1st good news of the year.. Hehe.. He will be coming to KL's Tar college to study.. Although he can't stay with me but still he's closer to me now.. Rather than having him in Ipoh and me in KL.. Have to appreciate this chance.. Well.. Chinese New Year is near too.. And so are my exams.. Haven't done any shopping for my clothes yet.. Same goes for my studies.. Hm.. Lazy me.. ><"

I guess this sums up to what I have not written for the past few weeks.. Sorry for not updating my blog that often.. Sometimes I just don't know how to write.. =D Those were just summaries of what had happened so far.. Hopefully this year will be a better year after having such a bad start.. Cya.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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