Monday, December 05, 2005

New Month.. New Style~!!

Hie all~!! Went rebonding few days ago.. Kekeke.. Wish I could put a picture of me here but I guess you guys will just have to wait.. Not letting my ugly flat hair spoil my face.. Bleh~!! Need to wait till its not that flat then I will look better.. Kekeke.. This time the rebonding costs me only RM120 including hair treatment!! So much cheaper than the previous one.. Which costs like rm200 without treatment.. Won't be going back there again.. =P

Oh yea.. Went to the PC Fair in KLCC Convention Centre today.. Bought myself a new subwoofer from SonicGear.. Though I don't know much bout speakers.. But then I like the design and the quality is quite nice! Maybe I'm just easily satisfied.. Hehe.. Well.. This thing cost me RM109.. Was thinking of paying by card but they only accept cash.. Sigh.. Lucky I brought enough.. Or I would have went back disappointed.. Forgot to take a full picture of it but these are the pictures of my lovely speakers!! (And my lovely wallpaper from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.. Kekekek)

Well.. Thats all for now.. Have no idea what to write at the moment.. Be back with more updates soon!! (Hopefully.. Kekeke) Nitez..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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