Monday, November 27, 2006

Midnight Walk..

Few days back.. I went to KLCC to watch Step Up with Justin and Yi Kang.. We're supposed to watch the 7.30pm movie but by the time we got to the counter it was already sold out.. Didn't wanna waste our time coming all the way here for nothing.. So we bought the 11.30pm ticket..

The movie was worth it.. The main actor was so sexy and he really can dance! Makes me feel like dancing again.. Hehe.. The feeling when your body moves with the beat of the music can be very exciting and enjoying..

After the movie.. The time was already 1.30am.. No more LRT! Being the lazy person I am.. I suggested that we take a taxi back and to hell with the price.. But the other two "sohai"s somehow managed to drag me into walking back with them! From KLCC to Genting Klang!

Well.. The walk was not too bad.. Took us only 1 hour to reach home.. Fast huh? We ran awhile thought.. But not for long as I could not keep up.. Hehe.. Halfway home there was a motorbike that came from behind and suddenly came near and shouted at us.. What a shock! Lucky they weren't robbers or snatch thieves.. Wouldn't want to end up pennyless or in the hospital..

That's all about the journey.. Nothing much happened.. Nothing much to see as well.. And now.. I'm just waiting for time to pass by as I wait for Robb to come back from Ipoh.. Miss him so much even though it was just 2 days ago since we last met.. Hopefully his classmate drives careful enough to avoid any accident as it is raining most of the time.. Heck it is even raining now! Nice weather to sleep though.. Just like what Justin and Yi Kang is doing now.. Sleeping like a pig.. :P Anyway.. Gonna find something else to do.. Cyaz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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