Friday, February 05, 2010

Year of the Tiger..

Since it's a new year, I should try to write in a different style and a different pace. I used to write whenever I'm feeling emotional or down. I would say it is more of a habit, since I started this blog with that type of writing. There's no harm in it but it would be better if I could write when I'm feeling happy as well, instead of having a writer's block. So, I would like to try out with this first post of the year, although it is a little too late since it's already February.

Been working for almost a year now, and although I'm heading nowhere, it's been quite a nice experience as all my co-workers are nice people. There's no not much backstabbing and politics as you can find in bigger companies, and I get extra tips once awhile. Even though some people might be unreasonable and being a bitch at times, that's just expected as I'm in the service line. Some tenants are very nice and might make your day a little better, even with just a word of appreciation.

Even so, I wonder if I would be changing jobs any time soon this year. I'm always uncertain of what I could do, and never make any efforts of changing my routine, especially when I'm used to it. But hopefully there will be a change of job someday as I can't be staying there forever. Maybe I could start applying to the Ministry of Tourism like my uncle advised me to.

Lately I have been craving to buy stuffs for myself as it has been a very long time since I've done so. Spent almost RM500 on things such as a pair of shoes, 2 t-shirts, 1 shirt, and 2 short pants. Thinking of getting myself a pair of jeans as well as mine are all worn out as I've been wearing them for years. My wardrobe is as plain as a straight guy's wardrobe, which is something that I'm trying to change as well as I've been wanting to look better these days.

I even joined a gym, Celebrity Fitness in Lot10, 3 weeks back. Been trying to go every single day since then. I did that on the first 2 weeks, but lately I've been going on alternate days as I'm not feeling that well and my shifts are changing all the time. I guess age is catching up, hence the feeling of wanting to keep my young looks. :P My body and health have to be in good shape as well, if not I wouldn't be able to keep Robb's attention all to myself. Hehe.

I guess having changes once awhile would do me good, since I've been saying that my life has been dull. I even bought tickets to Bangkok on July, but there aren't any proper plans yet so far. Would be nice if there were other people to go with, the more the merrier. The only problem is that we don't have much friends that we are close with, as we're mostly all by ourselves. But anyhow, it doesn't matter. July is still months away. xD

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and as usual I am starting to fall sick, like I do every single year. I wonder why. Now I'm having flu and coughing on and off. The unpredictable weather is not helping as well as it always changes from raining and cold, to hot and humid. Hopefully I'll recover soon so I can enjoy my CNY back in Penang. Will be taking the whole week off and enjoy as much as I can back home since it has been a very long time since I've went back. Won't have access to my PC though, only way is to go to the cyber cafe.

Anyway, I'll try to update as frequent as I can, even on minor stuffs. I'll try to get more pictures on as well but for now it'll just be only words as it's quite late at night and I'm supposed to be working at 7am. Having a hard time sleeping as it's quite humid tonight, and I'm coughing non stop while having to blow my nose all the time. Would be taking leave tomorrow and visit the doctor as soon as possible. おやすみなさい。



Takashi said...

if u guys arent doing bangkok, i might be able to follow.. but bangkok.. i dont know... been there 9 times.. i think i'm obsessed and if i go, i will be darn broke.. ~ things there are so cheap!!

a weekend can spend RM1000.. :p

Christopher C said...

Take good care of yourself..It's good to know that I can expect more frequent blog updates from you :)