Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Tiger Run..

There was no real tiger involved in this run, maybe just bloggers drunk with Tiger Beer in their belly. It was another one of Nuffnang's events and I was helping out as usual, but this was the first time I got paid for it!

Anyway, today was supposed to be my off day and I was supposed to be able to sleep as much as I can. But since I was working in the event, we had to be there early for some briefing as well as setting up the place. The part-timers were supposed to reach Jaya One around 12pm for the briefing so we left around 11am and reached in half hour's time. Apparently, all of them were late. Some even arrived at 1.30pm. =.=

The weather was crazy as usual, scorching hot during the morning, cloudy during the afternoon, and rained in the evening. Lucky for the bloggers as they had already finished running, unlucky for the part-timers as we had to clear up the cones all along the road. Not all of us though as some of them were hiding under the shelter, chatting away while leaving some boxes outside to get soaked under the rain. How useful of them.

One of the part-timers is quite cute actually, and he got wet along with me as we were the only ones loading the cones back into the truck. I can't remember his name though, have to ask my housemate tomorrow and stalk him in Facebook. LoL. After spending one whole day sweating, standing, carrying stuff and getting wet, our job is finally done. Since me and the cute guy was the only ones who got wet, we each had a 'I Love Tiger' t-shirt from Robb to change.

The rest of the part-timers left soon after we got paid (Yay!), and I lingered around taking pictures, drinking Tiger Beer and savaging their chicken wings. Wasn't really feeling comfortable though as my feet were still soaking wet, and so is my head as I was wearing a cap. There was a lion tiger dance performance before they gave out the prizes to the winners, not quite sure who won though as I wasn't paying any attention. After everything is done, me, Robb and Fresh were one of the last who left the place. Had to take a cab outside as none of us drove. 

It was a productive day for me and fun as well even though it was quite tiring. I even managed to earn RM100 on my day off! Well, hopefully I can sleep tonight as it has been a long and tiring day for me. Gonna be heading to the gym tomorrow after work (hopefully!) as I've already skipped three days. Need to tone up a little before heading back to Penang and gain fats. 

Oh and before I forget, Sixth Seal grabbed fondled touched my butt! LoL.


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