Sunday, March 15, 2009

DiGi WLM..

DiGi is introducing a new service, DiGi WLM, for online freaks like me to chat on Windows Live Messenger anytime, anywhere just by using my mobile phone!! I was at Friendster Cafe last night for the event organized by DiGi, where they introduced their new service to us.

There were around 30+ bloggers who attended this event and most of them are professional bloggers. One way you can tell is by looking at their huge tool that they carry everywhere. I'm speaking of their cameras of course. Hehe. Me, myself and I only had the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as my camera which doesn't work that well under dim light, hence the lack of pictures.

It was quite a hassle getting there as Friendster Cafe is located in Damansara Perdana and I'm staying in Setapak with no own transport. We had to take a cab to Wangsa Maju's LRT Station, the train to Kelana Jaya, and then catch a cab again to the venue. Costs us RM 26 for 2 person but I guess it was worth it as there was free food and free flow of beer.

Me and Robb arrived quite early as there were no other bloggers around yet. Soon after, the cafe was filled with bloggers with huge tools, I mean, cameras. Flashes can be seen all over the place as they took pictures of almost everything on sight. I got to know few of the bloggers there such as Jason, Louis and Clement.

Dinner was buffet style and they even had free flow of beer! There was nothing special about the food though. After everyone filled their hungry stomachs, they started to introduce the new service to us. There were few PSPs and other prizes on the table nearby which caught my attention. Hehe.

They showed us an advertisement of the new service which was quite interesting. After that, few of the DiGi employees went around the place teaching us how to subscribe for their new service and explaining to us about it at the same time. They even showed us how to use it by letting us try chatting using the phones that they had. It was indeed fun.

Apparently, DiGi users would have unlimited chat services for free as part of a promotion over the next two months. They only need to pay a nominal flat rate of RM 3.00 per month with no additional charges after the free trial period. If you ask me, it is definitely a good offer considering the amount of time I spend on Windows Live Messenger. The only fallback is that my phone is not yet compatible with the service. There are only limited models compatible with this service for now. Sigh.

Remember the prizes I mentioned earlier? They were used as prizes for the games and lucky draws later on. I almost won myself a pair of Ray-Ban shades but all I got was a lousy Coca Cola cap. The next number, which was Louis, got the shades. Sigh!!! I didn't bother playing any of the games though as the prices were not attractive enough. There were thumb drives and webcams to be given away but I already have both of them. Those PSPs were for the best blogpost winners, and I'm sure that I'll not be getting it since I'm not good at blogging.

Anyway, after they finished giving away all the prizes, it was time to go home. There were few bloggers who stayed behind to snap more photos and hang out as the free flow of beer was still available. I helped myself with another few glasses as we had to wait for Carol to fetch us back. I had a nice chat with Jason and got to know him better. It was him who recognized me in the first place. I'm always bad with recognizing names and faces. Even Marcus was the one who approached me in Midvalley last time.

It was an enjoyable night and I'm definitely looking forward to use Windows Live Messenger on my phone. I wonder when will they make more phones to be compatible with this cool service. Guess I'll just have to wait. :)


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lol! its nice meeting you up!~