Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This year's birthday was the nicest compared to those previous years. No plans were changed and everything went well. Even though it was simple and I only had one present with no birthday cake, I had a nice time. So nice that I had wine until I was drunk for the 1st time.

It was a very hot day to start with, and I went for a haircut before going out to meet my so called brothers. I just wanted to trim the sides as they were messy and curly. The usual guy who cut my hair in the saloon was no longer working there any more, but I really wanted a trim so I went on ahead anyway.

Went to Pavilion after that and watched the movie Race to Witch Mountain. The movie was just average but was so much nicer compared to Dragonball. As there were still time after the movie, we walked around the place while waiting for the rest to finish their work and head to Jogoya for dinner.

There were 9 people altogether, 4 that I didn't know as they were my brother's friends. The food in Jogoya was not up to my expectations. I've been there before for their Hi-tea and it was better than their Dinner. There weren't much choices, and the food tasted plain. Some of them were not nice as well.

Even so, the company was nice and I drank quite a lot of red wine. Didn't get much of their ice creams though as there was always a long queue. At the end of the night, everyone went back and the few of us went to Coffee Bean for a short yum cha session. I was already feeling very blur at that time and Robb brought me home.

Slept as soon as I went into my room and I think Robb changed my clothes for me. Muacks! Thanks dear for taking care of me. I didn't get to sleep much though as I woke up around 5am feeling uneasy. It felt the same as having carsickness during the time I came back from Cameron Highlands. It was not a nice feeling. Guess that's the last time I'm gonna drink so much. xD



Shiuji said...

your birthday so happy ooo? yamadi tanoshi no taijyobi na...

pikey said...

happy belated birthday to you ya.. glad u enjoyed the day.

Zach said...

shiuji: quite happy ^^

pikey: thx~ it was fun..