Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late Comers..

You're Late

It is very frustrating to have colleagues that is ALWAYS late for work, especially if you’re working shift hours. I mean, they should know how the traffic is like from their house to the work place especially since they’ve been working here for so long, so why can’t they come out earlier instead of giving excuses such as getting stuck in the jam? And if they have to work in the morning, for gods sake why do they even think of going out late at night and come to work feeling like a zombie and then complain about it? If it happens once awhile then it is understandable, but if it happens all the time then it has already become a bad habit.



pikey said...

Perhaps it can be a discussion topic with your supervisor?

aconfusedboy said...

i'm a late cummer .. hahaa :P