Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm Back~!!

Yay!! Got my very own blogspot at last.. Meant to do this earlier but I have no time and no internet connection.. I've just installed streamyx recently so now here I am.. =P It's been a long time since I've written something on the internet.. Life in KL.. I've been dreaming of living here for the past few years.. Thinking of how it would feel to have total freedom and space.. Well.. I'm here at last!! I'm starting to miss my home though.. My mother's cooking.. Sigh.. Humans.. Never satisfied with what they have.. Oh yea!! I just bought this laptop few days ago.. Its so nice!! I'm loving my laptop more each day.. Hehe.. And now that I have streamyx.. I won't have to go out that often and spend so much money.. =P

Hm.. So much to tell here but don't know what to write.. Met quite a lot of new friends here.. Mostly online friends.. Went out to yum cha once a while.. Hehe.. Quite fun.. On the other hand.. I seem to feel less comfortable with my housemates.. I knew all of them before this.. Old friends from Penang.. But somehow I felt something different these few days.. Maybe I changed.. One of my roomate gets on my nerves all the time.. But I just keep quiet.. No point making everyone unhappy.. I just keep to myself now and do my own stuff.. Hardly talk to any of them anymore unless they come and ask me stuffs.. Hm..

Nuf' said.. Got to stop myself from writing all those sad stories here.. Hehe.. Should be glad that I know lots of nicer friends during my stay here.. =P Well.. My brain's worn out.. Didn't eat anything since this morning.. Got to go find some food.. Hehe.. Till next time.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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