Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short Trip Home..

I will be heading back home to Penang next weekend after working for so many days non-stop. It was actually my colleagues who wanted to go there and asked me along so I could bring them to places that has nice food. After all, locals knows best. But then, it has been quite some time since I've explored Penang myself, so the places that I used to know might not be there anymore, or the food quality might have changed. There might even be new places that I've not heard of. So, I guess I'm not exactly a very good guide for them next weekend. There are few places that I know still exists and still serve the same delicious food as before, but I guess I would need some help from my friends who are still staying in Penang to show me other places. One thing for sure, Laksa will definitely be the top of my list xD. 

I will only be back for three days, so I guess I have to plan my time properly. I want to spend some time with my family since I haven't been home for so long. There are also some friends that I want to hang out with so I guess it's gonna be kinda hectic. Sigh, I need a longer holiday. But then again, who doesn't? For those who are on long school holidays, be glad you have that extra time to spend. I guess I'm a little moody today, since I'm working on a public holiday and my other colleagues will be coming in late, which resulted in me not having time to go for my lunch break. A hungry man is an angry man.


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Robb said...

dun be angry, i cook for zaza later. ^^