Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rain Drops From Heaven..

My exams are finally over!! But I've still got to stay back for extra MYOB classes.. Before this I was eager to go back to Penang.. But somehow I'm glad I stayed back.. Met a lot of people yesterday.. Nice people..

It rained this afternoon before I went to class.. Luckily my one of my classmate drove to college so she gave me a ride.. It was so cold in the computer lab.. Was hungry too as I didn't eat anything since morning.. My class starts at 2.00p.m. and ends at 6.00p.m. so I had to wait till everything is over before I get to eat my 1st meal.. Which was my dinner.. It stopped raining by then.. And the weather was so cooling and refreshing.. I can feel the chilling wind blowing against my face.. A nice day to go out..

Sigh.. Forgive me.. I can't seem to be writting properly these few days.. It's like I've lost touch in most of the things I do.. I can't seem to put my feelings into words anymore.. Anyone care to help me? =D

Ok back to the topic.. Was in IRC when Yeoth online.. We chatted awhile and somehow made a last minute date and went out to yum cha somewhere in Damansara.. Got prepared and then went down to catch a bus to the LRT station.. Took me around 40 minutes to reach KL central.. Including the bus ride though.. Hehe.. But the journey was quite nice.. Saw a cute little baby sitting on his mother's lap.. Sms-ed Yeoth and told him about it and it seems like he likes small kids too! What a coincidence..

He was already there when I reached KL Central.. I got into his car and we went to Starbucks for a drink.. He bought one chocolate cake too and we shared it.. Was quite nice.. We sat there and chat until the shop closed.. Hehe.. Then went for a walk and continued chatting.. Talked bout lots of stuff.. Old memories mostly.. Memories that brought both happiness and sadness.. We stopped at a basketball court nearby and just lie there.. Watching the sky and enjoying the cool midnight breeze.. We can see the moon clearly and it was quite a beautiful sight.. Too bad none of us had a camera phone.. Poor people.. Lol.. No stars though.. How nice if time would just stop then.. ^^

He took me home later on as the LRT's were closed already.. Got back.. Sat on my chair.. And came online.. Took me quite long to write this though.. As I've mentioned above.. I seem to lost touch.. ^^ But its ok.. I still manage to finish this small little chapter of my life.. Hopefully I can find my inspiration soon.. So I guess I'll just leave now and write again next time.. Chaoz.. Oh yea.. Thanks for a wonderful night Yeoth.. Enjoyed chatting with you.. ^^ Goodnight everyone..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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k said...

the heavenly gates open
the angels gaze down

found two hopeful beings
innocent n naive

their tears fall down
to mark the day

for happiness or sadness
only time shall tell

i enjoyed myself very much too...kekeke...thanx for going out with me...for a drink...(no need to say date lar)...kekeke