Sunday, March 30, 2008

Updates Part 1..

18th February 2008 was the first day of working in my entire 23 years of life. I was quite excited and nervous at first as it was something new for me. I woke up 3 hours earlier so I wouldn't be late for work. The traffic was terrible. It took me nearly 2 hours to reach my work place. Even so, I reached my work place 10 minutes earlier and waited outside with two of my classmates who were working at the same place. The office was still empty as it was still early.

They only arrived around 9.15am. Talk about punctuality. Well, we followed them in and informed them that we were they new interns and they asked us to wait at our respective departments. Oh yea, we were assigned to different departments before this. Mei Leng is in the Ticketing Department while me and Yi Kang are in the USA and Canada Tour Department. Lucky for Mei Leng, her manager was already there and so she was briefed and had something to do. On the other hand, me and Yi Kang had to wait for another 10 to 20 minutes before someone from our department came. He asked us to just sit down and relax as the manager was not here yet. After handling some of his work, he took us around the office and introduced us to the rest of our colleagues from the other departments.

After the brief introductions, we went back to our seats and just sat there. Kenny, the guy from our department, didn't know what the manager wanted to brief us about so he just asked us to wait until he arrived. I HAD NEVER BEEN THAT BORED BEFORE!! The feeling of boredom and drowsiness is not something I would want to feel on the first day of work. Zzz. We eventually sat there from 9.00 in the morning until around 3.00 in the evening!! He eventually showed up in the evening and just thought us how to answer the phone and pass the calls. -.-"

Well, nothing much can be done as they were all quiet busy preparing for the MAS Travel Fair. There were not much of a difference for the entire week but I managed to learn a little on their airline booking system and also how to apply for an USA Visa. Thursday was better as I had to help setup the booth for MAS Travel Fair in KLCC. It was just right around the corner, thus making things easier to move. Even so, it was quite tiring as we had to carry all those things without a car.

There was not much people during the entire 3 day's travel fair. It might be due to the fact that our booth was located at the last hall's exit so most people were just passing by to the exit. I went to the 1st two halls and noticed that there were more people there. Even so, the amount of visitors were less than what I had expected. I guess most people were waiting for the upcoming MATTA Fair as there will be more airlines to choose from. My job was mainly just to distribute fliers to visitors around our booth. I was able to explain some of the packages available but will still direct them to my seniors as they can give them a more detailed explanation.

There was one man who came by and complained on the entrance fees. He was rambling by himself and walked away leaving me dumbstruck. Talk about randomness. LoL. Nothing much interesting happened after that. During the last day of the travel fair, a guy came and performed magic. All of us were charmed by his magic. We finished quite early as there were no customers. After clearing everything up, our big boss treated us dinner in a steamboat restaurant somewhere in Imbi. It was delicious! I ended up with a very full stomach as they keep asking me to finish up the food. I think I gained few extra pounds during that night. Hehe. Anyway, I shall try to update more next time. Till then, bye~


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