Monday, March 31, 2008

Updates Part 2..

Just gonna post up some pictures taken from MATTA Fair. Work has been somewhat boring for the past few weeks. Besides getting to know some funny names of customers like Chun Doi, nothing much interesting happens at work.

My results were out and as expected, I failed Japanese II. Had to take a day off to pass up the resit form, and another day off to take the resit bill. As usual, SSH is fucking slow. Everyone else always get their results, bills and etc before us.

I had my paper remarked as well, having hope that I can pass as I don't have much time to read. I tried to ask my lecturer whether I am able to take 2 weeks off to study before exam but she said no. Oh well, bad luck then.

Can't wait for my industrial training to finish. But then, I still have no idea what to do after that. Sigh. Always indecisive. Zzz.



pluboy said...

woahhh those guys have nice butts!!

bet u r watching every minute of it hehe....

William said...

Lama tak dengar from u. Tak sejuk ke dua budak tu?!

pikey said...

waaaaaaaaah... really admire those 2 guys la... running around naked like that... hahaha