Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Going Silent This Halloween With Nokia XpressMusic..

Robb has been asking me to write this for so many times as he wanted me to attend this event. I'm not exactly a people person, so I've been having second thoughts on going. After lots of persuasion, I finally gave in and decided to attend this Halloween party, that is if I'm selected. :P

One of the reasons why I had second thoughts of going is also due to having no suitable costume. Maybe I should just print out the picture above and stick it on my face. Hehe. Well now I have to think of what to wear. I wonder if anyone would go there just wearing normal clothes instead of spooky costumes.

It was written in Nuffnang's blog that we were asked to bring a headphone to the party. Having searched high and low, I managed to dig up one of my old headphones. It was kinda big and didn't work that well. One of the wires must be loose. Hmm.

Maybe I'll just close my ears with my hands like this and pretend that they were headphones. No one would notice right? I'll just say it's a newly developed, highly sophisticated model from Japan!

Well no matter what I'm wearing, or going with or without a headphone, I'll be silent for now. Let's just enjoy the party and see how things goes, that is if I'm selected. :P Cya~



William said...

Go as an ExpresMusic phone

d'Frog Prince said...

hey, thanks for dropping my blog previously.

and i saw you at nuffnang's madagascar preview, your photos don't do you justice, you are very good looking in person, hahaha.

of course i didn't greet you lah, you guys (with SotongZai) are famous bloggers :D