Friday, November 07, 2008


Not being a typical blogger, I had less fun than the rest of the attendees during the Silent Halloween. Nevertheless, I'm glad that it turned out to be a great party as lots of other bloggers, maybe all of them, enjoyed what Robb had done throughout the entire night. People were snapping pictures here and there, exchanging blog links, participating in games, yada yada yada. As for me, I spent my time mostly around Justin and Leo. There were no alcohol, and the music wasn't really my type. The food was just ok as well.

Moving on, we went to watch Madagascar 2 last Tuesday. I can't really remember much on the first Madagascar as it was quite long ago but somehow I felt like it was better than the second part. The penguins were great as usual with all their tricks. After the movie, we went down to catch a cab but those taxi drivers were all money suckers. They wanted RM25 - RM 30 just to go back to Genting Klang which was not very far. We had the money, but didn't want to waste on such people so we sat a bus back to KL and switched to another taxi there. At the end of the day, we just spent RM 13 to reach home.

Justin has been pushing me to go to gym with him lately. The gym is just nearby our house, right above the cyber cafe that I usually visit with Robb. The equipments there are a lot better than the ones in TAR College, but of course not as good as the ones in Fitness First. If I had the money I would prefer to go to Fitness First with Robb. Oh well, at least the one I'm going to now is near. I'm really glad that Justin is pushing me to work out as I'm a very lazy person and my body is not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully I can see some changes in no time as I don't know how long till my laziness catch up with me.

A friend of mine from Penang would be in KL soon and I'd have the chance to catch up with him on all the things we missed. It would be nice as it has been some time since I've seen any of my high school friends. The last we met was during the last Chinese New Year. It has also been a long time since I have been back to Penang. I must admit that I kinda miss it a little but my life is now in KL with Robb and our son ZuZu. Speaking bout ZuZu, he has been very clingy to me as I have been spending lots of time with him at home. He follows me around the house and even waits for me outside the bathroom when I'm bathing.

He's so cute, I can never get enough of him. Don't you think he's cute? ^_^



Leonardo said...

Let me comment then.

Yes Go to gym. If u hate lifting weights, then run.

Yes, your son is cute.

Yes, im pretty bored as well.

Zach said...

Bored huh.. Come to my house and I'll entertain you :P

Chester said...

Zuzu :)

JC said...

Seems like a happy life.

Good la ! Everything seems so fine to you. I wish I can escape from the diseases and sickness.

Just recovered from 2 weeks long sickness, last night got diarrhea some more.