Monday, November 17, 2008


Lying on my bed while trying to sleep, I suddenly thought of a reason why I felt that I couldn't write as smoothly as I used to. My blog was once only read by people that I didn't know, or people that weren't related to what I wrote, so I couldn't care less and threw in all my feelings. There wasn't any proper network to link bloggers together as well, since Nuffnang wasn't around during the time I started to blog.

Now that Nuffnang is here, it seems that everyone knows everyone. People start to blog hop more often to read up interesting stories or to promote their own site. Links being exchanged from one person to another, a circle of network connections seemed to be formed. My blog is not left out either, as people tend to drop by once awhile, mostly thanks to my dearest Robb as his blog is quite popular and read by many.

As time passes by, I got to know some of them as well, and as usual links were being exchanged and saved into each others' blog. As most of them know us (me and Robb), it somehow made me feel differently towards my so called online diary. It is no longer as personal as it was. Although I still blog about my personal life, there are still some things that I don't feel comfortable writing into my blog anymore.

As the blog community keeps on growing, it seems that blogs have less and less privacy, unless the owner cuts himself off from any relationship with other bloggers and remain anonymous. Either that, or just put a password to only allow certain people to view it and filter out the rest. But for a person to be blogging, there will surely be a part of him or her that wants someone to read what they wrote, so if it were password protected, it wouldn't do them any good.

People tend to change their style of writing as well, especially when they feel that they don't have enough traffic in their blog. I've seen a few, that changed from writing about their lives, to writing to entertain his/her readers. Did my style of writing changed as well? I wouldn't know. I just feel that it's no longer the same as it was before. Oh well, just feel like ranting as I've nothing to do and I can't sleep. Have to find something else to do now.



JC said...

Haiyo, just don't care too much about that. Blog as usual. Do whatever you think is fine, and comfortable.

I used to post lots pictures of myself, and got complained. I stopped after that. However, when I think about it, I realised I am not doing the right thing.

Why care about the others when you are posting your things on your own blog? If they don't like it, they can stop visiting.

That's what I think la. That's why I leave my pic once a while in my blog. LOL.

Unless you want more traffic. Then you should change your style. Otherwise, just do whatever you think it's right!

Takashi said...

its about survival of the fittest.. if you dont write, nobody will read.. if you write lame boring stuffs, nobody will read..

to make people read, you have to write.. and the juicier the better..

you dont always have to write about personal things, you can always write about things happenings locally and such and comments and opinions..

after all, a blog is about expressing yourself and your feelings, nobody said it is a diary where you write what's happened in your life in the last 24 hours..

you dont have to.
it's a blog, a web log, not a diary. call it a journal if you may, but you dont need to include mushy mushy details with robb..

like my blog too, i interwined personal things with issues and once a week, juicy hot pictures to give the extra perk to my regulars readers.. as thanks to them for regularly reading..

its your blog after all, write all you want, post anything you want, feel free to express yourself comforably.. after all, if you decided to have a blog, make sure you write, otherwise, whats the point?

yikang said...

my opinion is, u must know wat you think to write and is that you like wat you write ?

after that onli you search you customer. this is important, maybe you can be a blogger that intro food .

^^, pls have a good mood when write a blog. that the meaning of the writing a blog.

Zach said...

I guess what I wrote was as confused as I felt. Didn't seem to get the point right. Oh well thx for the comments anyway. :)

Cmate said...

Haha! My blogging style remains the same.. read it or leave it! MOst readers leave it... i have a handful of loyal ones though.

Lil daydreamer...Dreaming for imposibility... said...

Yeah I totally agreed with you, last time I freely blog about who I like or what my deepest feeling but for now I think throughly before I post. On 1 side I hope people read my blog and found out my true self but sometimes I afraid they'll laugh at my silly thought. Haha anyway I'm from Robb blog reader too.