Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What Is Your Motivation?

In life, there's always something that pushes people to do things. It might be that they have a dream that they want to achieve, or even wanting to prove themselves to others. There are still lots of reasons why people do the things they do, a button that drives them to work hard to achieve it, and everyone has their own story to tell. But where is that button of mine?

Today, I met up with a handsome guy that I got to know from Facebook. He is in my Facebook since quite some time ago, but I never actually got to know him until two weeks back when I bumped into him in Midvalley. We started to keep in touch and we eventually met up this afternoon after work, as he had something that he wanted to share with me. 

He shared an opportunity with me, a chance to improve my life financially. He then told me his story, on why he wanted to do this business, his motivation, his ambitions and his dreams. It is a Multi Level Marketing company, so most people would say that this is how they brainwash you to join them. Even so, he did not pester me and our conversation went at my pace. He seemed sincere, but Robb would say that I am just mesmerized by his looks. I do not deny that he's quite charming, but I can sense that he's honest. Maybe I'm just easily fooled?

Anyway, our conversation was not only about the business. We talked about our lives, so that we could know each other better. Listening to him talking about how and what he is doing to achieve his goal, it got me thinking, what is it that will drive me to improve myself, or to get a better job, or even to go into this business that might improve my life financially if I work hard on it. Everyone has their dreams that they want to achieve, but what is mine? To travel around the world? If so, why is it that I don't feel the push to do something about it?

It's just the same thing all over again, before I started working. I was doing nothing and just stayed home, neither studying nor working. I solely relied on my savings to survive for few months, and finally forced myself to look for a job as my money was drying up. The situation pushed me to go out from my comfortable zone and to actually start my first job, which is the one I'm still doing now.

So, why can't I do things to improve myself without having to rely on such situations to push me? Am I really that contented with my life, that I'm willing to just sit in this comfort zone of mine? It sucks to be indecisive, to want to stay in this bubble of mine and yet wondering what if I were to do something more. People will ask me to change myself, but changes are not easy to make, especially not for me. I do not know why, I just know that I'm always in a dilemma. Sigh.



Robb said...


just because he's good looking in ur books.

pikey said...

Perhaps find one day, sit down, write down your immediate goals, your short term goals and long term goals...

Maybe you can talk more to people close around you to see what life can offer to you.

Ben Pek said...

Try this site bro

aconfusedboy said...

Do not under any circumstances even think of MLM. Those who do MLM are usually charismatic and knows how to use their words (and looks). I do not like MLM at all because relationships just become a 'business' to some of these people. It's just seem so selfish to me.

Also another thing I'll like to say.. we all live just once so live it with no regrets (:

Anonymous said...

Aww...don't sell yourself short. You write really well and your personality shines through; shy, introspective and kind, but with a dash of pessimism and procrastination. Your English is superb too, its like you went to one of KL's elite boys schools (VI, St.Johns, MBS). Why not start small, like teach English tuition, or work as a freelancer for the Star or Straits Times?