Saturday, July 31, 2010

Working Shift Hours..

As a concierge in a service apartment, my job requires me and my colleagues to work on shifts. Basically we only have three shifts. On Mondays to Saturdays, morning shifts would be from 7am until 3pm, afternoon shifts from 12pm until 8pm, and night shifts from 3pm until 11pm. As for Sundays and public holidays, morning shifts would be from 9am until 5pm, followed by 10am until 6pm, and afternoon shifts from 12pm until 8pm. There is no need for a graveyard shift, as in working through the night, and public transports are still available after 11pm.

Before this, my brother was using my motorbike, so I had to rely on public transport to go to work. Morning and afternoon shifts weren't much of a trouble, as for the night shift, there's still the LRT in KLCC, but I would have to get a cab or ask someone to fetch me from the LRT station near my house as there were no more buses operating. Now that I have taken back my motorbike from my brother, I don't have to go through all that unless it rains.

Last year, there wasn't much of a problem with our schedules as everyone would just follow their schedules or just switch it with another person if they have something to do. This year, things started to get messy. We have two full-time staffs which can be considered as my junior as they just joined early this year. They have been a pain in the ass, always complaining about having night shifts, no transport back, and etc. If they have so much problems with working shift hours, why apply for this job in the first place?

Some even have other priorities that affects their work schedule and break time here. Having part-time work, fetching boyfriend's children, sending car to far-off places, and etc. And yet they dare to keep requesting things and making everyone's life miserable. I'm so pissed off every time I hear these people complain about things when they are the one who are mostly giving problems. I really miss the time when my previous boss and supervisor were still here, minus the new colleagues. Things are much more simple compared to now.



Anonymous said...

Dear Zach,
I understand your frustrations towards this issue, I believe i encountered something quite similar to this. As a senior staff, and the better person amongst your staff, it's important that u "take charge" of the situation and start acting as a superior.
It is understandable that it isn't ur full duty. Maybe u can approach individually, each one of them personally, calling out on a face-2-face meeting to discuss the current situation to them.
As i read from ur current problems, ur staffs are probably too selfish with their own personal gains and convenient Nevertheless, you should just explain to them the overall situation for them to have better understanding. If they refuse so, just tell them shut the fuck up or get a new job.

pikey said...

You have to ask them which one is more important. If their work is impacted, you can tell them you are willing to hire another one who can get the job done easily...