Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love to Touch My Dogs..

It's not secret now that I'm a dog person. I have 2 dogs, Zuzu and Zizi.Wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~

Among the best thing about having cute doggies is the sensation of touching them. No, not the bad kind of touch (molest), but the good touch. A pat on their head, a stroke on their hair and of course touching their soft paws.

Their paws are really soft!! Soft till can die when they were puppies, okay? XD

Now they are still soft, but definitely not as soft as when they were puppies.

The sensation of touching is something that I enjoy very much personally. Of course, hugging your loved ones is at the top of my list, but I also enjoy using touchscreen devices. Buttons are so 90s these days. I mean, there are affordable touch screen phones all around, like the latest LG Cookie range which is being promoted by the LG Cookie Monster Party by Nuffnang - LG Cookie 3G, LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Fresh. These phones are so cool and yet so affordable!

Can you imagine you can get a touchscreen phone for at the range of RM600 bucks onwards? Incredible!! To celebrate this new range, I so wanna join the LG Cookie Monster Party happening this weekend at Neutral Club, KL.

I already got my costume ready. I can't wait to terrify people with my cutie monster look. Meow~ LOL.

See you there this weekend if you're going. XD


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