Monday, July 05, 2010

Growing Up..

The wedding dinner last night was great! Our group filled up 3 tables but we were seated far behind Eing Yung. It was alright though as he has a very big family and has to put them all in front. The dinner was done in a restaurant called Stone Bay, the same place where I went with Robb and my family during Chinese New Year. 

All the familiar faces were there, looking smart wearing shirts and polo-tees, except for me with my bright colored t-shirt. The place was already packed with his relatives when I arrived. Soon after, food were served and an endless supply of Tiger beer were given. I've nothing much to comment on the food as I've had it before and it was just ok. 

Going through a friend's wedding somehow made me realize that all of us are no longer young. He is the first among us to get married, and there will be more weddings to come sooner or later. The only person who most probably would not get to experience having such a wedding, attended by all his family and friends is me. Which is why I was having mixed emotions that entire week, feeling happy and sad at the same time. 

I guess that was what made me drink that much during the wedding dinner. I took advantage of the situation, drinking and cheering with my friends. While I was happily cheering and drinking with them, another part that wanted to drink was the emotional me. I didn't exactly get real drunk, but I was not in the condition to drive. Lucky for me Boon is still sober, and he dropped me back home.

Now I'm back home in KL, after a tiring 4 hours bus ride from Penang's Queensbay Mall. I seemed to have followed my mother in the sense that I get car sick easily. The ride was more bumpy than usual though, and I didn't have much to eat which made my stomach uneasy. Took a cab straight from Corus Hotel even though he did not follow the meter and charged me RM15.

Once I reached home, I was greeted by my son and daughter, Zuzu and Zizi. It seemed that they missed me a lot as both of them were wagging their tail and jumping all around me. They were never this excited to see me before, and it made me very happy to be home with them as I miss them too. There is one more person that I whole heartedly miss, and he's not home yet. Will be eager to see him back home after he finishes his work tonight.


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