Saturday, July 03, 2010


Today would be the day where my friend Eing Yung goes to pick up his wife from her house. As his 'brothers', me and our group of friends will be the subject of torture from the bridesmaids! This is the first time that I'm going to experience such an event as most of the time I would only see it in the movies. I wonder if it would really be as bad as what I've seen.

Last night at his house, there were lots of people coming and going. Near midnight, there was sort of a ceremony for him to go through. While in pajamas, he was escorted down by his parents, and then he had to pray to some god. Looking at such processions, I couldn't help but feeling sad that my parents would not be able to go through all this with me and could only wait for my brother. 

Oh well, I guess coming out to them would still have to wait, and now I'm off to fetch the bride!