Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Boss..

My previous boss and supervisor had already left. There wasn't any replacement for them for few weeks, so me and another senior of mine had to take turns to help out in the office on alternate weeks. This was all done on goodwill, as there wasn't any allowance or increment. It was alright at first, until the new boss came in. 

He came in on the day I went back to Penang, so I didn't know much about him at that time. But the few days back in Penang, I've heard enough from my colleagues to know that he is one troublesome person to deal with. He's a 60+ year old uncle and they way he works is completely different from our previous boss.  

It has only been a week since his arrival, already two of my colleagues tendered their resignation. The Account's Assistant had a better job offer so it didn't had anything to do with the new boss, but the head of Maintenance left because he could not stand working together with him. Even my senior said that it was very stressful to work with him as he always ask them to do things that are unnecessary.

So far, I felt that most of the things he asked us to do is totally irrelevant and it made our workplace somehow looked like a cheap building. Imaging having paper signs taped on the walls and glass windows in a building just 5 minutes away from KLCC. He didn't even find a replacement for our supervisor and expect us to do all the extra jobs without any incentives or increments. 

The morale in my work place is very low at the moment. It used to be a very warm and friendly place to work at. Now that the new boss is in, everyone seems to be all worked up and unhappy. Even some of the junior concierge staffs are starting to show their bad habits, taking things for granted. Oh well, what to do. There's no one to actually manage all of us.

If only I knew what I wanted to do, or what I can do, then I could at least look for a better job.



cookiedonut said...

go look for a better job =x

Zach said...

as your PA?