Friday, July 16, 2010

First Day In Bangkok..

Our flight arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected, and it was quite tiring. I didn't get much sleep the night before, and it is quite hard to sleep in the plane as Air Asia's plane is quite small. The airport is quite big, and I kinda like the design. After passing the immigration, we went to look for our luggage, which is quite easy to detect as there isn't much bags like mine. 

Robb went to look for a local prepaid card straight away as he said he has to reply emails as well although he's off for holiday with me. He took a very long time to get his blackberry working as there were some problems with the settings, so I just sat there and wasted more than 30 minutes doing nothing. It is quite depressing, to see him always attend to his blackberry whenever I go on a holiday with him. I can't blame him though as that is the nature of his job, but sometimes it makes me feel like going on holidays with other people instead.

It wasn't hard to get transport to our hotel, as there is this Airport Express buses that goes around town, and one of it stops directly in front of Tawana Hotel. So we bought two tickets which costs 150 Bahts each. It is quite costly for a bus, but it is cheaper than taking a cab and we don't have to worry about taking the wrong public buses which are much cheaper. 

The weather was cloudy and it drizzled a bit on our way to the hotel. I wanted to take pictures along the way but my camera ran out of battery, so I just enjoyed the view while half falling asleep as it was cold and I was tired. There were only 2 other passengers in the bus, one is a white guy and another looks local. We were the last to go down, and the hotel looks great!

We booked our room in Tawana Hotel through Agoda, a website where you can get cheaper room rates. It was very worth the price, as Tawana Hotel is a 4-star hotel (so says the website), and the room is actually quite nice! When we checked in, they gave us a twin bed room, and the room smelled funny. I called the front desk to change it to a double bed room, and within minutes, another room was prepared for us. This time, the room is beautiful, and it didn't smell like the previous room. Robb gave the bellboy some tips before he left and we unpacked our things.

After a short rest, we went out to explore around the area. It is quite hard to buy anything as not much people here knows English, and we can't speak nor read Thai. So we just wandered around the place, looking for things to eat. Since we can't read Thai, we only ended up eating Wan Tan Mee, as it is the easiest to order. 

We continued to wander around after that and found ourselves a place for massage. The place is called Prime Massage, and it is just one straight road down from Tawana Hotel. We didn't know anything about the place, just thought that it looked nice and the price was not expensive. We went in, and Robb got himself a foot massage and Thai massage, while I opted for a Thai massage and oil massage. It was my first time to visit a massage parlor, so I wouldn't know how to rate it, but it was quite nice and the guy was cute as well. Haha. He offered me a happy ending, and I was quite inclined to accept it but didn't as it was quite expensive. I wouldn't want to pay 400 Baht for something that can be done in my own room for free. =P

Later in the evening, we went to Sauna Mania, as Robb heard that a lot of locals go there. We went there around 6pm, but there wasn't much people at that time. The place is quite alright I guess, and people started to pour in around 7-8pm. There were quite a number of hot guys there, lean body and manly looking face. Not really a crowd for Robb though, mostly my type. We didn't get to know any guys there, as we just wandered around, looking at the crowd. I wonder what would happen though if someone were to approach us. xD

We went for dinner afterwards, at a stall by the road. I finally get to eat tomyam! We ordered tomyam, bbq chicken, fried rice and belacan kangkung. The food was just alright, but it was very expensive as it came in a total of 490 Baht. The environment around the area is quite nice actually, not much rubbish on the floor. I didn't notice any fat guys too as most of them were lean. We slowly walked back to our hotel room as we were tired already. There were stalls selling clothes, bags, food and etc all along the road, but we didn't buy anything as we will be going to Chatuchak to shop this Saturday!

Had my own happy ending in our comfortable room and a very nice sleep, but I woke up around 5am and didn't manage to go back to sleep till now. It's just 7am here but the sun is already shining brightly. Will be heading to the Royal Palace later on when Robb wakes up. Hopefully it doesn't rain. xD



Takashi said...

Good update..

Sometimes it is good to travel with friends instead of lovers.. Different level of expectations, minus the happy ending - hmm.. with friends also can happy ending :)

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Takashi - With you? xD

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Ohh... thanks for the hotel info ^^