Friday, July 02, 2010


After missing for so long, I'm finally back in Penang again! One of my secondary school friend is going to get married this weekend and I definitely could not miss this. He was one of the first that I've came out to regarding my sexuality and during college in Penang we would hang out most of the time. 

I was quite surprised when I knew that he is getting married as it happened all of a sudden. He didn't actually tell anyone of us, but instead he made an event page in Facebook and invited us to his wedding dinner. So here I am, back in my old room, using my newly acquired HP Netbook to online and write a short update in my dead blog.

Anyway, I'm off to prepare to go to his house for dinner now. Would want to update more frequently now that I have a Netbook. So many changes these few weeks, it would have been nice to have it all written down. So till next time, adios!

p.s. Dear dear! I miss you so much. Take care of Zuzu and Zizi kay? Tell them I love them lots!


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