Sunday, July 18, 2010

Khorb Koon Khrab..

Time seems to pass so fast when you're enjoying yourself. Now that I'm back home, I'm already thinking of when will I be able to go back to Bangkok again. Next time, I will definitely bring more than RM1000 as it was not enough for me spend. I would most probably check for Air Asia's next promotion and faster plan another trip ahead. 

The second and third day in Bangkok was a bit of a disappointment as I didn't get to do the things that I wanted to. We started the second day by heading off to the famous Chao Phraya River. It was quite easy to reach there as there was a BTS Skytrain nearby our hotel and it stops directly before the river. The fare was quite cheap for a one way ticket, it's like sitting a bus. 

Our main destination was to the Grand Palace of Bangkok, and also Wat Pho, temple of the reclining Buddha. We departed from the Sathorn (Taksin) Pier and then stopped at the Tha Tien Pier. The weather was quite sunny as we were starting to sweat before we even reached our destination. We found Wat Pho first, and went in to explore the temple. We were sweating like mad when we finished our short tour there.

Next up, we went around looking for the entrance to the Grand Palace. It was very huge and there's only one entrance so we had to walk awhile before we finally found the place. We even had to go through the Amulet Market, which is by the roadside and sells mostly amulets, as the name suggested. I took some pictures around the place and was quite excited when we found the entrance. When we wanted to walk pass the guards, we were stopped and the guard asked Robb to change his jeans as it was not appropriate. Apparently their dress code was more strict then I anticipated. There's a building where they rent out 'proper' clothings to visitors, but Robb didn't want to pay for it so in the end, we didn't manage to go in. 

We went all the way back to the hotel with me feeling disappointed and uncomfortable with all the sweat. Robb suggested that we go to Siam Paragon instead since it was still early. We went to catch a movie there and the cinema was very grand! The pricing for the movie tickets were expensive too, but it was worth the experience. We walked around the area and had dinner in their food court. The food was expensive as usual, but it was the best tasting meal we had so far.

We then went back to the same massage parlor that we visited on the previous night, and headed back to the hotel after that. Our original plan was to go to one of the hottest gay club in town, DJ Station, around 10pm, but we had to cancel it as it started to rain very heavily. Robb felt that I was quite disappointed, so he went down to the nearby 7-Eleven to buy some booze to cheer me up. 

On the third day, we overslept a little and went to Chatuchak market a little bit later than what we planned, but it was still alright as the place wasn't fully packed with people yet. It is really a very huge place with lots and lots of things to buy! After few hours there, we practically cleared our entire budget for the trip. We just had enough left to eat dinner, buy few snacks and pay for the cab back to the airport on the next day. This overspending ruined our plan to go DJ Station again. Oh well.

Overall, it was a pleasant trip as it is always nice to explore new places with your beloved. It could have been better, but I guess there's nothing to regret as I can still visit those places when I go to Bangkok again. I kinda like the place, as the food there is quite nice, the guys are good looking (not Robb's type though), and it is refreshing to leave KL once awhile. I would want to go on a holiday again soon, not sure where though. Anyone wanna bring me around? xD



pikey said...

Nice to read about yr trip adventures and cute little white pajamas? lols.

Zach said...

Bear costume! xD Thx pikey