Sunday, October 16, 2005


Seems like an eternity since my last update.. Lots have happened.. But won't be writing it in detail here.. All sorts of emotions.. Happiness.. Sadness.. Confusions.. Etc.. Will just leave that for another day when I can sort everything out and write it in here..

Hm.. Went back to Penang after my exams.. Had a wonderful time back home.. Enjoying my mother's home cook food and also not forgetting those wonderful local Penang dishes all around the island.. Had almost all of the food that I liked.. Only missed one.. The curry mee near my granny's house.. Went there but the stall wasn't open.. Sigh.. Oh well.. Never mind.. Next trip back must eat that for sure.. ^^

Few of my friends came to Penang for their holidays too.. Took them all around the island.. Well.. Not literally though.. Hehe.. Took them to those famous places such as Kek Lok Si, Penang Hill and Gurney Drive.. Went to enjoy all the nice Penang food.. ^^ One of them even walked around the town area by himself.. Even I myself never did that.. Hehe.. Oh yea.. Watched Sky High with my housemates and Yaoi (not his real name).. Was quite nice.. Not forgetting the outing with some new friends in Batu Ferringhi.. Bought some souveniors and went to the beach too..

Hm.. Continue later.. Lazy wanna write more.. Below are some pictures taken in Penang.. Hehe.. Enjoy.. Tata..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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~EDmUnD@k@bUdDY~ said...

Lolz..The forth pic from the top has a sign there..I believe it's quite clear to see it..
NO TAKING PIC LA..Panggil polis baru tau...Haha..XD