Monday, October 31, 2005

Moving Away!!

Ooooh.. How I wish time would go faster.. Soon I'd be rid of "The one who must not be named" and have my peace and quiet sleep that I longed for.. Don't have to see "Smeagol" running to every single mirror in the house and looking at his reflection for 30 to 90 minutes!! He'd fix his curly hair.. Apply wax.. Blow straight.. Etc.. Nothing seems to work though as from what I can see.. His hair looks the way it was before he applied all those chemicals.. Ugly!! Instead.. I'd have 2 good looking roomates living with me in my new room!! Bleh..

Was about to sleep just now.. Turned off the lights.. Went to my bed.. Turned my laptop around and sent some goodbye messages.. Then.. In he came.. And as usuall.. That inconsiderate bastard turned on the lights.. Went to his computer.. And turned on his MP3's.. Speakers! Not headphones! Damn him.. Now I can't sleep.. My friend asked me to talk to him.. But I'm sick of it.. This is not the 1st time he does this.. Told him long long time ago but he still repeats himself.. So what if he knew Daniel and Farah from Malaysian Idol? Very great huh? Eat my foot! No matter how popular he is among his other friends he's still some lowlife bastard to me.. Never does his share of cleaning up the house.. Cares for his ugly hair only.. I wish my housemates who are staying with him after this good luck cuz' they're gonna need lots of it.. Ish.. Spoilt my mood..

I've already moved some of my stuffs to my new room.. Alex is already living in there.. He has so many belongings!! Wonder how much assets Pau Zai will bring in too.. Hehe.. My cupboard's already there.. Still have to carry my table and my mattress there soon.. Won't be able to online though after I move there as the ports in the router are already all used up.. I have to buy myself a switch in order to online.. Sigh.. Spend spend spend.. All their fault.. Ish.. Got one nice unit don't wanna move there.. Fine now everyone's separated.. Happy? Selfish brats.. Don't even expect me to move back in with you guys after the landlord has left that so called nice house of yours.. Find yourself another victim..

Enough with them.. Back to me.. Yaoi is coming to KL this Saturday!! Can't wait to meet him.. He told me he's most probably gonna study in
Tar College too and coming in during the January intake.. If that is so.. He will try to pursuade his father to let him rent a room outside instead of staying in the lousy hostel that Tar College has.. Hehe.. If everything goes well then we'll be living in the same house!! Happy news at last.. =P Oh and for this week I have some plans up my sleeve but won't be writting it down yet.. Will only mention it after it is implemented.. Kekeke..

Ah.. It's so late already!! Better try to get some rest.. My body is aching from all the heavy lifting for the past few days.. I'll just go off the lights.. Not going to bother whether "Smeagol" needs the light or not.. He should get the idea after that.. Nitez guys..

Zach a.k.a.

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