Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Plan Exposed..

Hi.. I'm back~!! Been awhile since I was able to sit in my own room and write my blog.. Didn't get to online till now.. What a relief.. =P Now that I'm back online.. Hopefully I can continue writting constantly instead of leaving huge spaces between my posts..

Remember about me mentioning something about some sort of a plan before Hari Raya? Well.. I went all the way to Ipoh to give Yaoi a suprise and also visit Ben for Hari Raya.. But someone spilled out to him that I was going! Not much of a suprise then.. But still he was very happy to know about it.. Bleh..

Went back to KL after that.. Yaoi came along.. Spent some time together.. Then he went back few days later.. Life goes on as usuall.. Getting along fine with my new roomates and housemates too.. Although most of them don't speak much.. Maybe if I stayed here longer then that would be different.. =D

Oh! Almost forgot.. I went to LQ at last! Was kinda fun.. Cold too.. Kekeke.. My 1st time there and they had a shower party! Water all over the place.. Dancing along with the music and water spraying all over us.. It was cool.. Matt kor took us back after that.. Felt sorry for his car.. Hopefully our wet butts didn't spoil his leather seats.. Hehehe..

Hm.. Not much of an update I would say.. Low on details now as there were too much to write.. Can't remember some of them anyway.. Never mind.. Just a short blog to fill you guys in on some of the happenings for the past few weeks.. ^^ Anyways.. Will be writting more soon.. Hopefully.. Till then.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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