Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Weekend..

It was a very tiring weekend for me. Can't remember what I did on Friday, but on Saturday, it was kinda full day for me. Robb dragged me to Fitness First as he needed someone to take pictures of him. I didn't want to go at first but he said he would ask other guys to do it if I'm not helping him out. Darn. I can't have other hot guys getting intimate with him can I? So eventually I ended up in the gym, taking some pics and doing some workout myself. Can't do much as my body still hurt from the previous session in the new gym nearby my place.

Went to meet up with Cheesie and Tock in Pavilion for some picture sessions as well. I didn't had much to talk to them as I'm usually shy towards people that I hardly know. I didn't know what to talk about as well as I'm not a very good conversationalist like Robb. So I just "lepak" around with them for the whole afternoon with nothing much to do. We went our separate ways after that,while me and Robb decided to have dinner in Carl's Junior. Went home after that to rest awhile before we went clubbing later on.

It has been a year or more since the last time we went clubbing. The previous time we went clubbing was in LaQueen, or so called LaLa Queen by some. My straight housemate went along with us and there were few guys who were interested with him. Hehe. This time, me and Robb went clubbing in Market Place with Benny, a guy who I've been recently hanging out with. He brought two pretty girls along as well. Market Place is a new hangout point for PLUs and I heard it was better than LaQueen. I have to agree that the crowd and songs are better but the place was kinda small. I still love Liquid the most, too bad it closed down.

Went out again today for some photo sessions for Robb somewhere in PJ. Kinda lazy to talk about it now. Came back to Jusco for dinner and did some shopping for groceries. It has been awhile since I've cooked something decent for Robb. Gonna try cooking again. ^^ As soon as we reached home, our beloved Zuzu started to wag his tail and jump around to greet us as he usually does. He must be missing us alot as we've been out alot this weekend. Such a lovely son. ^^

I've been thinking, how do you actually define a friend, especially a good friend? Is it possible for gays to have close gay friends or guys/girls to have close girl/guy friends even when they are attached? No idea why, maybe I'm too deprived of having someone else close to me besides Robb. Should I even be feeling this? I just miss having a friend whom I can talk to or hang out with anytime, anywhere. Used to have those kinda friends. Used to..



The Sexy Gentleman said...

haha, kinda funny when u wrote that Robb brought you along to take pics of him.

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Zach said...

Hehe.. Thx for supporting.. ^^