Saturday, July 26, 2008


Tomorrow, my fellow classmates will be graduating happily with their certs in their hands. Not that I don't feel the same for them, but maybe a little jealous that I had to stay back another year just because of one silly paper. Blame no one but my own incompetence.

But this is not why I am feeling nervous now. My heart's beating faster than normal, my body's feeling hot with sweat, and my mind's spinning round and round. There will be a walk-in interview for Air Asia's air steward tomorrow in Shangri-La Hotel, and surprisingly I decided to go.

I was already expecting to go alone, trying to face my fears of getting uncertain questions that I might not have the answers for. It was then when a friend of mine called. We talked for awhile and I mentioned about the interview to him. He got all excited as he did thought of being an air steward as well.

He then said that he would accompany me there as he was interested as well and that got me all hyped up. I would definitely feel better having a friend by my side, no matter what the results are, rather than going alone without knowing anyone there. I really did look forward to it and felt a little bit more confident.

That was till he sent me a message later on saying that he couldn't make it after all. I really felt as if I was being lifted up and then pushed down again. It was not entirely his fault as he did mentioned he had some plans later on. But I really hoped to go with him as I don't want to feel so alone, facing something that I've been avoiding for so long.

Now I'm wide awake, feeling nervous for nothing and making myself feel worse by not being able to sleep. The interview will be starting around 9.00am until 3.00pm and it would be preferable if I went there as early as I can. Having other plans as well after the interview, I wouldn't want to be lacking of rest and feeling tired for the entire day.

Still, the ball-less me is now wide awake, blogging away as if the night is still young. I wonder what time will I start to doze off. Hopefully I'm able to wake up energetically and able to perform well in the interview, whatever it is that they wanted to test me on.

Low self esteem,

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William said...

Hope it went well.