Friday, August 01, 2008

Flying Away..

No, I did not get to proceed on with the interview for Air Asia's cabin crew. To cut things short, I will be on their flight with Robb as a passenger this coming Saturday. It has been around 10 years since I've last been on an airplane.It was either the trip to Australia with my parents and brother, or the trip to Langkawi with my uncle's family. I can't quite remember.

As I've been wanting to travel, this trip would be a very memorable one, even though it is only for 2 days. I will be leaving to Kota Kinabalu with Robb to attend the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering. I'm kinda nervous though as I don't know anyone there except for Chriss. But still, it is nice to be flying out of Peninsular Malaysia after so long.

Hopefully I will have nice pictures to post up soon. ^^


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