Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy Weekend..

There was a warehouse sales by L'Oreal last Saturday. For the first time after so many months, I was actually working. Although it was only as a part-timer for two days, it's better than nothing right? I was not alone though as Justin was there with me as well.

Anyway, there were lots of branded beauty products and fragrances on sale and the prices were unbelievable. The sale officially opens at 10.00am, but there were already people lining up to go in around 9.00am! We had to be there early and we were even provided with breakfast. They served Nasi Lemak, which was just ok for me, nothing too great but not too shabby as well.

After eating, we went to look for the person in charge and she told us what to do. I was to be in charge of the exit door and check every single person whether they have a receipt on their purchases or not. Not a very interesting job but it was very easy, just stand around for the day and earn RM100.

The people that came were unbelievable. Even after they let a big group of people in, there were still lots of them waiting outside. But that was until lunch time only, as the number of customers reduced over time. I had my lunch around 2.00pm, which was served by the hotel as well. This time, the food was better as it had one of my favorite food, lasagna!!

Nothing much to be said on the sales, except for the products sold were really very cheap. Girls would definitely shop till they drop. There were two aunties who were talking to each other when we checked for their receipts, and they were asking each other on how much they bought. One of them casually said something like,"Oh not that much, just RM4,000++. It's really cheap!". Me and another friend were looking at each other with an expression such as this (=_=).

I got to know quite a few people through this job, and there were some familiar faces there as well. I forgot to exchange numbers with them though. As for the customers, most of them are females, but there were some gays there as well. There were even some which I wasn't sure at first whether he/she is a male or female.

At the end of they day, Robb came to look for me and we had dinner with some of our friends. I got my salary before we left, and spent it immediately on my handphone charger as I needed a new one. Was pretty tired although I did nothing much. ZuZu was so happy when I reached home. He must had missed me a lot as I would usually be at home with him for the whole day. And yea, I miss him too. ^^



e s t a n c u s said...

aiyoh aiyoh. can you please refrain from acting cute. wa beh tahan leh. LOL.


Zach said...

What act cute? I AM cute!! XD

savante said...

Wah! That many people at the sale!

Zach said...

Less than the previous one though.. ^^