Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game.. For Now..

I've been playing Perfect World for quite some time. It is a MMORPG, set in the world where three major tribes, Human, Winged Elves, and Werebeasts coexist. It is a world of magic and fantasy featuring the Chinese creation myth as its backdrop and leveraging on a rich and diverse oriental setting.

Perfect World centers on flight, and has many floating structures and areas. The game shifts from night to day and sunny to rainy season on a regular cycle, changing the view of each area with time for realism.

It is definitely a fun game to play as the graphics are simply magnificent. I've got to know quite a number of friends as well from all around the world, from Australia to Poland, and even Canada! Most of the players are from Malaysia though.

Since I've been playing for quite awhile, I've got a group of friends who I play with together. From hunting weapons and killing bosses, we stick with each other as we each have at least one character from each of the three races.

Cut things short, I've been playing this game so much that Robb feels that I'm addicted to it and has been spending too much time in it. Maybe I am. Everday when I wake up, I go to my PC and log into the game. When Robb comes back, I'm still in the game. Maybe I should reduce staring at my computer for so long.

Well whatever it is, I still love playing Perfect World. In there, I can fly, swim, run, sit on riding pets, and do anything that I'm not able to do in the real world. How nice if I really have those crystal wings to fly in real life.


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e s t a n c u s said...

Perfect world you fav too? Haha. ive got a fren, who lays the Chinese ver. Tergila gila until ask me pinjam him my streamy account at night to play! his account pow chah ady. lol

(i dont play it, btw) haha

very caring and loving post to Robb. y? is he in some trouble? whatever it may be, he's bete roff cause he's got you. ;-D

ps/ ive finally 'desecrated' my blog with durians! lol. check it out kiez..