Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Long Lost Sibling?

While I was resting in my hotel room during my trip to Sabah, I came across a very interesting show in Astro, Kylie Kwong My China.
Join chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong on a personal and inspirational odyssey as she returns to the land of her ancestors. Kylie confronts the vast contrasts of China as she journeys to ten cities and provinces, from bustling mega-metropolises of Hong Kong and Beijing to the forgotten dirt villages of Guangdong. Beginning with her ancestral village in Toishan, Kylie ventures further to touch each compass point of China, engaging with local communities, buying ingredients from the market, learning regional cooking skills and preparing family meals. Along the way, she meets and cooks with an array of locals and samples a range of wonderful regional meals and tastes from the haute cuisine of glamorous Shanghai restaurants to simple bowls of noodles and pickles at the wooden stalls of Lhasa, and the altogether different and intense spicy heat of traditional Sichuan dishes. Kylie brings her own unique flair for fusing the traditional with the modern by combining some of her favourite creations with whatever ingredients are available. From cooking with fisherman to colourful encounters with flamboyant street vendors Kylie conjures up her very own culinary travelogue spiced with adventure.

The first thing that caught my eye was Kylie Kwong herself, and not the content of the show. Now guys, if you look at her picture carefully, does she resembles someone important in Nuffnang?

No? Then look at this picture.

This is Timothy Tiah, one of the co-founders of Nuffnang. For a 23 year old, he has achieved a lot in bringing up Nuffnang into becoming Asia's first and leading blog advertising community. He was even nominated for Asia's Young Entrepreneur Award in Business Week. But what has that got to do with Kylie Kwong?

Still don't see any resemblance? What if I put two of them together?

I don't know about you, but to me, they're simply identical. Hehehe.



Big Boys Oven said...

we did a version of Timothy in figurine . . . . but I love this, both of them lookalike! wow! this is a blast!

The Sexy Gentleman said...

You really think they look alike don't you?

I think only the eyes are alike. =)

William said...

I like Kylie's bling2.

Brenda Ang said...

Hmmp. I don't think they look alike ler~~ :P