Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sabah Trip..

As mentioned before, I flew to Sabah with Robb to attend the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering. As our flight's departure time was at 9.30am, we had to reach LCCT by 7.00am just to be safe. Since we don't have our own transportation, we had to rely on a buddy of mine to drop us at KL Sentral by 6.00am. That being said, we did not have any time to sleep as my buddy was watching a midnight movie and only came to fetch us to his place around 3.00am as his house was nearer to KL Sentral. Sorry for bothering you Benny~!!

Being deprived of sleep, I was looking forward to sleeping in the plane as the journey would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Waiting to get boarded to the plane was boring as we practically had nothing to do but just sit and wait. Much to my relief, the plane arrived in time and we were the first few to get in line, thus we were able to choose our seats. When I stepped into the plane, I was disappointed. The seats were the same from the front row to the back row, so there wasn't any point in reaching there first or last.

There wasn't much leg space between the seats and it was quite uncomfortable all along the journey. I wonder how could anyone bare to sit through the journey for flights any longer than the flight I was in. It was only a 2 hours and 30 minutes flight and my body was already aching all over. It might be due to the fact that I didn't get enough sleep before that but still it wasn't a very comfortable journey. The word Airbus really suits them, just like a typical Malaysian bus which flies instead of on the road. Robb says I'm comparing too much as I've sat first class on MAS before. Not to say I'm comparing or anything, but I would rather pay a little higher to sit more comfortably as the rates ain't that much of a difference nowadays due to the high competition among airlines.

Enough of my complains. We reached Sabah around 12.00pm and took a cab to Radius International Hotel. The hotel was quite decent and comfortable and the price was just right. We met up with Chriss in the hotel's lobby as he had an earlier flight and was waiting there. After checking in and putting our stuffs in the room, we went for our lunch and went back to the room to sleep as we were very tired by then.

The gathering was held in the Imperial International Hotel, which was just right beside the hotel that we were staying. We were quite early and there wasn't much people there yet. The environment was quite cosy and the view was simply beautiful as we get to see the sun set. After some time, more and more bloggers started to pour in and the place became quite lively. I didn't recognize anyone there as I seldom blog hop but Blue instantly knew who I was.

Overall, it was a nice gathering as I got to know a few more people in the blogging society. Even though the flight was not that comfortable, I would say I enjoyed the experience as well as the trip as it has been some time since I've been to a new environment. Now that I'm back in KL, my life resumes as it was before I left for Sabah. Hopefully I'd find a purpose in life soon.



Fara said...

Hey Zach. Was really nice meeting ya in SBG 2008. Hope we all can meet aagain next year :)

singingcoconut said...

Felt honored when you wrote my name in there -.-

I also donno any1 else b4 the gathering but 2 of my long-time-no-see pal from KK

Will look 4u on my next trip to KL :)

Jaen said...

Ooh u went to my hometown! xD hope u and robb managed to have fun there~ did u manage to try out our yummy food? hope u did ^^

gosh, i miss looking at sea *sigh* and me likey the pic of u and robb (=

Jaen said...

ooh u went to my hometown! xD hope u and robb had fun - and got a chance to try the yummy food there ^^

i miss looking at the sea *sigh* and oh, me likey that piccy of u and robb (=

Jaen said...

woo, u went to my hometown! xD hope u and Robb had fun there - and got to try the yummy food ^^

i miss watching the sea T^T *sigh*