Monday, July 21, 2008

Urgh.. The Smell!!

Nuuuuuuu~! It's durian season again. T_T How can anyone love such a stinky fruit? Everywhere I go, I see and SMELL durians! Sigh. To think that my housemate is gonna bring back durians tonight. Got to think of somewhere to go while they finish up those hell spawned fruits. Anyone knows how to get rid of the smell fast? I don't wanna come home and faint right after I open the door. T_T

Perhaps I should stick this at home. They should make more of this and put it all around so that public places won't be so full of durian smells, especially during durian season. =\ Someone help me!!



William said...

So cham meh? lol

singingcoconut said...

Hahas, my mom got problem with my sudden lost interest in Durian these recent years XD

Zach said...

I hate durian alot.. Used to leave the house whenever my parents brought it back home..

ubey said...

lol. i luv durian