Friday, July 18, 2008

Obsessed With Zuzu..

Ain't he adorable~! My baby's still as cute as he was when he was just 2 weeks old. ^^ Being the greedy doggy, he's been gaining a little weight from all the goodies that he gets. He'll follow anyone with food, even strangers~! Everyone that came to my house before loved him as he was very friendly.

Whenever we go out, Zuzu will run to the door and look at us with his adorable eyes, begging us to bring him along. It's just so hard to resist loving him. Sometimes during dinner, we would bring him out with us and put him on the chair when we eat. Zuzu will be looking all around excitedly. I guess he must be bored being at home all the time.

When our food arrives, he'll be standing up, holding on to the table and looking at us with his adorable puppy eyes again. We try not to feed him too much as we don't want him to be overweight. Hehe. We even bring Zuzu to the OldTown White Coffee once awhile, right opposite our home. Lucky doggy huh?

He hasn't been a naughty boy these few weeks. Usually he would pee or poo in places other than his "toilet" once awhile. But he has been a good boy lately and doing all his business at the right places. The only naughty things he does lately is that he loves to bite! Especially me since I don't hit him. Guess he's just playful. :P

Having Zuzu around was the next best thing after having Robb in my life. Thank you dear~ Love you and Zuzu lots~


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Robb said...

i love u dear!