Tuesday, March 20, 2007

22 Years YOUNG~!!!

One of my favourite cheese cakes~!!

As of today.. 20th March 2007.. I'm officially OLD~!! Haih.. No longer can I twist and turn my age to become young.. When I was 21 I could just turn those numbers around and make myself 12~!! Kekeke.. Well.. I have to accept it since I'm already considered the eldest in my class..

There won't be any pictures of me this time though.. As I've gained some weight and I look horrible in pictures.. Not a single pic that I took looks good.. No matter which angle I try.. Looks like its not only age that I've gained during these few months of absence.. Haha.. Hopefully I can somehow motivate myself to exercise more often..

To make things clear.. No~!! Those white sticky stuff around my Z are not cum stains.. XD

Had a wonderful morning and afternoon today.. Skipped classes for the 1st time this semester.. Guess what I did? Slept all the way~!! Haha.. It rained in the morning and made me so drowsy throughout the day.. I wonder if I could sleep at all tonight.. Woke up around 6.00p.m. and got a quick shower as I've had plans with Robb and my friends for dinner in Pizza Hut~!! Been quite some time since I've been there.. When I was back in Penang.. I used to go there almost once every week with my family.. Love those chicken wings~!!

My one and only..

Although it was only a small sort of party.. But I'm quite happy as those who came were people that I cared for.. It was more than enough.. Don't have to entertain so many "not important" people.. XD Well I never said I'm good with crowds~!! Back to the point.. Robb.. My loved one.. My hubby.. My life.. Was there with me.. Celebrating my birthday with me for the 2nd time~!! Justin and Yi Kang.. Both my so called brothers were there as well.. ^^ Other friends of mine that came were Christy, Christine, Kenson and "Tai Lou".. Hehe..

Greedy pig~!!

Leng zai ma?

Everyone ate till their tummy bloated~!! Kekeke.. And thanks to my dear dear for treating everyone.. ^^ I guess it was worth the money as everyone seemed satisfied.. One thing though.. I have yet to receive any presents this time.. Not that I'm materialistic.. But it would be nice to get something for my birthday.. Even if it were something tiny.. ^^

The whole gang.. Where's my bb?

Well to catch up a little with my absence for so many months.. Nothing much changed in my life.. Still happily living with my dearest Robb, Justin and Christy.. Justin is a wonderful person to have as a housemate~!! Where can you find someone who willingly sweep and mop the floor everyday~!! Thanks to him our house has been kept clean, presentable and livable~!! Lolz..

As for my college life.. Things seemed a little different when it comes to my classmates.. But then life's like that.. XD Now I'm in my 3rd semester.. Having to do Geography and Principles of Tourism.. Hopefully I did well in my previous semester as our results are yet to be out.. No thanks to my "efficient" college.. As for this semester.. It is a short sem as we only have 7 weeks of classes~!!

Supposed to go to Matta Fair last week to do our assignment.. But as our "efficient" lecturer left us with nothing but an assignment paper without explaining it to us.. We end up wandering around collecting brochures with no idea what might be usefull.. Darn.. Well at least the trip was worth it as there were lots of promotions to drool about and a wonderful dance performance some taiwan girls.. ^^ Even had a long chat with a beautiful malay girl at the Korea booth as well as a Korean professor.. She is teaching Hospitality Management at a college in Korea and was invited to Matta Fair for 3 days.. XD

What kinda experience? *Grinz*

Guess I will be updating my blog more often now.. Hopefully.. XD Won't be as interesting as Robb's though as I write for myself.. Not for others.. So those who wanna read.. Thanks~!! Those who find it boring.. Well.. Thanks for reading it in the 1st place as well.. Haha.. It's late.. Got to go.. Can't sleep yet though.. Maple Story~!! Chaoz..



Derek said...

Hi Zach

Belated Happy Birthday! 22 years young. Still young la, not like me.

May all your wishes come true. May u and Robb be happy together always.

Now I can remember you bday alr, just 10 days after mine ;P

Zach said...

Oooh.. Happy belated birthday to you too! ^^
So we are fellow pisceans.. XD