Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just had a wonderful party last night at Jkeeku's house.. It was his 21st birthday~!! (Well not exactly as his real birthday is on the 29th March 2007) Will talk more bout it as soon as I'm at home..

Now I'm stuck at SS15's Inferno waiting for a friend of mine while Robb is at a nearby shop playing Magic The Gathering.. Hopefully he can win the tournament as the 1st prize winner gets an amount of money which I will not disclose here.. Why? Cuz if everyone knows how much he is getting and if he wins.. You guys might ask him for a treat!! Bleh.. Not letting you exploit him.. Kekeke..

The guy I'm meeting later is kinda good looking.. Haven't met him before though.. Just evaluate from his pictures.. One thing I like is that he speaks English as well~!! Well.. I guess I'm off to play Maple Story again while waiting for him.. Kinda empty in this cyber cafe.. Or maybe it's too early.. XD Anyway.. Chaozz..



defiant85 said...


A new post~~~ :P

Zach said...

lolz.. why is it so surprising?