Thursday, March 29, 2007


One of the best sitcoms.. Agree?

No.. This post is not gonna be about the series Friends.. It will be about how I feel about friends.. The word "friend" might mean alot to others.. It might also mean alot to me before.. But not now.. After going through so many events.. I might have to agree with Robb.. That friends are nothing but people who use each other to achieve a certain objective.. If you are considered a friend to someone.. It means that you have value of usage to that someone..

A lot of people might disagree.. They would say "Come on.. It can't be that bad.. There are some people who treat their friends with a sincere heart.." Maybe.. But 9 out of 10 of our so called "friends" are using us to satisfy their own needs.. And so are we..

Think about it.. We only think of our friends when we need something from them.. Like when we are bored and need someone to hang out with.. Or when we need someone to share our sadness or happiness.. Who do we look for? Our friends.. When we have no desire for anything.. Do we look for our friends and just stare at the empty wall? I don't think so..

So when our friends do not look for us it just means that we have no value to them at that moment.. And when they do look for us.. It means that we have something that they want from us.. It does sound a little too cruel to define friends as such people but if you think clearly.. It is true.. And why do I write about it? To remind myself and others who are reading this blog of mine not to place too much affection or hope on your "friends" as it will only hurt you.. To remind myself not to hang out with people who has no value to me and waste my time with them who do not appreciate what they can gain from me.. They might want something from me in the near future but it is up to me whether or not I would agree to this "transaction"..

There is a reason why I feel this way all of a sudden but I won't be writing about it.. I will only say that it had something to do with my birthday.. I had found out who still needs my help in the near future.. And who has absolutely no value to me.. Through this I shall filter my list of "friends" and help out whoever that has value to me and ignore those that has no value to me.. :)

So people.. Wake up!!



k said...

i used to view friendship the way u see it now but i've come to realise that sometimes you just cant calculate everything and expect the scale to be equal. just cherish the good times and forget the bad. besides, you forgot love too. love trancends all wants or needs and is not only confined to a partner or family. cheer up!

oh n happy belated birthday zach :)

Takashi @ Pluboy said...

hehe.. i wrote abt friens too recently..


have fun! :)