Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rainy Day..

Rain drops are falling on my head..

Been raining on and off these few days.. Especially during the evening.. Love the cold weather.. ^^

I woke up around 7.00a.m. today with the "Ohayo~!!" alarm from my handphone.. The alarm never failed to wake me up so far.. Unless I had less than 2 hours of sleep.. XD So I got up and slowly walked to the bathroom and had a nice warm bath.. After finished getting ready for class.. I went in Justin's room as usuall.. Woke him up and waited for everyone else to get ready.. Lazy bums.. Well.. This is my everyday college routine.. XD

Rushed down to the bus stop as we were a little late.. Tried to stop the taxi but they were all taken by others.. Luckily the bus came not long after.. Reached the lecture hall around 9.15a.m.~!! We thought the lecturer would have started the class already but to our surprise.. She wasn't even there~!! So the whole lot of us waited for another 15 minutes or so.. Our course rep then told us that the lecture and the tutorial classes later were all cancelled~!! Zzz..

If she were to tell us a day before then everyone would be glad.. Imagine waking up so early in the morning just to go to the lecture hall and find it cancelled.. So pissed~!! I could have slept till after lunch.. Sigh.. It even started to drizzle when we were walking to the bus stop from college..

Not a very productive day.. XD Spent my whole afternoon at the cyber cafe playing Maple Story.. Did the party quest with 3 other players from Singapore.. Was fun though.. ^^ The rain came and went as usuall.. Even drizzled when we were having dinner outside.. Well.. At least the weather is cold.. And nice to sleep.. Hehe..

Hopefully the lecturer won't cancel tomorrow's class again like how she did today.. Would be good to be informed earlier.. XD


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