Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Can't Breathe~!!

Sheesh.. It's getting harder and harder to breathe in this hazardous condition.. Haze getting thicker every single day.. Weather getting humid.. I wonder how all those people with asthma survive in this cruel environment.. I cannot stand it anymore!! If this keeps on for like two more days I might most probably take a bus and go back to Penang where I can breathe clean and fresh air.. Not to forget my mother's delicious home cook food.. Oh and Penang's famous Laksa.. Char Koay Teow.. Hm.. Yummy.. =P~

Well.. Back to my topic.. I can just hope that all my family members and my friends are in good condition.. Heard that some students fainted in school.. Maybe I should faint too.. So that my college can close down for a few days.. Lol.. I just hate the haze.. I can't do anything without feeling uncomfortable.. Like today I was stuck at home the whole day.. Not feeling like doing anything.. Even the air smells like burnt wood.. Sigh.. I wonder how is Jason doing.. =D

Went to KLIA last night with Jason to say goodbye to his ex-girlfriend.. That was the 1st time I've met her.. She's kinda cute in her own way and quite friendly too.. Even her friends are cool.. Hehe.. Too bad I didn't have the chance to get to know her earlier.. Well.. Maybe next time.. ^.^

Hm.. Nothing much to write today.. Didn't do much anyway.. Stupid haze.. Spoiled my day.. Hopefully things will get better tomorrow when I wake up.. Kinda tired now.. Not enough sleep last night.. So.. I guess I'm just gonna stop here and come back some other time.. Take care guyz.. Goodnight..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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