Thursday, August 25, 2005

Journey To The West..

As usuall.. I overslept again and missed my 8a.m. lecture.. Sigh.. Oh ya.. Forgot to tell you guys that I'm back in KL.. Didn't update my blog for quite some time as I can't find anything to write.. Was having headaches few days ago and it somehow stopped me from spilling my daily life into this website.. But now here I am.. Sitting beside the window, looking at my laptop and enjoying the midnight breeze..

Well.. Since I'ved missed my lecture I decided to sleep again.. Woke up around 11 something and got prepared as I had to meet my friend for lunch.. Went to Sky's Coffee Shop and had a bowl of Hokkien Mee.. After that I went to the LRT Station with Kok Yee to meet another friend there.. 3 of us got to the LRT and went to Taman Jaya and wait for Vern to come and fetch us.. Nothing much happened.. Waited in A&W's and then went to Amcorp Mall awhile before Vern arrived and took us to Puchong.. Met up with Andy and his friend there and then spent some time in a coffee shop nearby before going to the cyber cafe..

After all the trouble of going so far to meet up with them and having Vern to come fetch us.. We were disappointed as the guild war was cancelled.. Sigh.. What to do.. We ended up playing dota.. Hehehehe.. After playing for few rounds we went to dinner at a restaurant nearby.. It was the same place Andy took us during my 1st meeting with the whole gang.. Again he treated us.. Such a nice guy.. =P Well.. Vern went back after that and Andy fetched us all home from Puchong to Setapak.. Quite a distance.. There goes another day.. So Jason.. How's your day?

It is nice to be able to get to know people like them in the virtual world especially in Ragnarok as there are lots of hackers and scammers.. Even though we've known each other for only a short period but people like Kok Yee, Vern and Andy really made me feel honoured to be their friend.. They really treasure friendships and they are fun to be with.. Looks like all those rumours about online friends are not completely real.. Although there are lots of people who is not sincere but there are also people who are sincere in the internet.. And I'm lucky to get to meet sincere friends through the internet.. ^^

So Vern.. I've mentioned you.. Must belanja me hor next time.. Hehehe.. Just kidding.. I'll stop for now and come back with more updates soon.. Hopefully.. =P Miss my dear.. Muakz!! Goodnightz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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