Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Truth Revealed..

Hm.. To think I was hiding my identity from everyone when all of them already know the truth.. And hiding it from me.. How ironic.. Well.. Who cares.. I found someone I love.. I don't care if my friends are talking behind my back.. I am who I am.. I don't have to explain much to them.. =)

Things are getting on quite well.. Except for my studies.. Can't seem to get myself to study anything these days.. Maybe I'm just not interested in accounts any more.. Or am I just plain lazy? God knows.. Hm.. Been listening to some interesting chinese songs these days.. Too bad I can't understand some of the songs.. But the tunes are nice.. Hope I can learn to sing it someday.. =P

Been to quite a number of places lately.. One Utama.. Sunway Piramid.. Midvalley.. Packed with people walking in and out of shops due to the Mega Sales.. Lots of discounts.. So tempting.. Found a shirt I like though.. But as always.. No size.. What a bummer.. Oh yea.. Before I forget.. DO NOT WATCH SEVEN SWORDS!! One of the worst movies ever.. Wasted my money.. Zzz.. But the company was nice though.. Not telling you who.. *Blek*

Well.. Its late.. I better stop here and continue another day.. Before that.. Let me share a song with you guys.. A song that I treasure a lot.. This song means a lot to me as it relates to how I met my loved one.. Enjoy..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

(Kylie Minogue)

Fragile, seems I opened up to quick and all my dreams were woken up
I slowly lost my fight
With every single man a river cried

I had no sensation, completely numb I felt no satisfaction
I thought no one could ever get me high again
I swear I was not looking

I've waited so long, I thought the real thing was a fake
I thought it was a tool to break me down
You prove me wrong again

If love were liquid it would drown me in a placeless place refine me
In a heart shape come around me and then melt me slowly down
If love were human it would know me in a lost space come and show me
Hold me and control me and then melt me slowly down, like chocolate

Tastes so good my hearts been mended, who'd have thought it would?
An empty bed and still I won the catch, a man who I love and who loves me back

I've waited so long for love to heal me, so I'd feel it
Thought it wasn't real and then you came
You prove me wrong again


Come here, zoom in, catch the smile
There's no doubt it's for you and I'm addicted tonight

Just one look boy to mellow it out
Just one heart here to save me now
Your candy kisses are sweet I know
Hold me tight baby, don't let go

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