Wednesday, August 31, 2005


@@" Went out with Eyri, Josh, Joa and Calvin just now to a party organized by Eyri's godsis.. Was kinda akward when we first reached as we didn't know anyone there.. How nice if Jason was with me.. >.< But I kinda blend in as they were quite friendly.. Talked about college and stuff.. After awhile, we had some games going on and it was kinda fun playing with one big group of people.. Me, Joa and Calvin won both of the games played and got some kind of health product as our award.. =P There were other games later on but we had to leave as it was quite late and we didn't want to get caught in the traffic so we left..

On the way back to my apartment.. We saw cars stopping beside the highway waiting for the fireworks to start.. We can see KLCC from that highway but didn't want to stop there as it was illegal to do so.. Reached my place around 12a.m. and we were able to see some fireworks from my balcony.. After a short rest.. We went to the kitchen and took out all the things we were able to find and made some spaghetti~!! Well.. It was too much actually and we couldn't finish it.. Hehe.. Everyone was bloated.. =P They went back after awhile as it was kinda late.. But we had fun.. ^^ It would be so much better if Jason was with me.. Too bad he's too busy with his work.. Sigh.. Hope he's alright..

Kinda short blog today as I'm feeling quite tired.. Still can't get back that old "feel" to write a better and longer blog.. Wonder how long will I take before I can make it interesting again.. Well.. I better go back to sleep so I can dream of him tonight.. Hehe.. Oh ya.. It was nice to meet you Calvin.. Let's go Dota next time.. Hehe.. ^^ Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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